Ultimate Guide to the Artistic North Tustin Interior Design Scene

Ultimate Guide to the Artistic North Tustin Interior Design Scene

  • Summer Perry Group
  • 09/11/23

Nestled within the heart of Orange County, California, North Tustin offers an island of calm suburban comfort amidst one of the world's most famous collections of neighborhoods. A favorite of those who love the great outdoors, this picturesque locale is renowned for its verdant landscapes and proximity to the northern foothills of the Santa Ana Mountains.

But more than anything else, North Tustin features a beautiful roster of homes with various design disciplines on display — from natural aesthetics to contemporary elegance to vintage sophistication and even a bit of whimsy. It's a robust design scene, to be sure, drawing much of its influence and inspiration from the chic trends that sprout from Orange County's coastal cities as well as from the Hollywood glamor that sifts its way south from Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, which is only an hour away.

The result is a community full of immaculate homes, each with its own unique design motif and charm. Unsurprisingly, prospective buyers find that North Tustin is nothing short of transformative. Read on to dive into the key elements of North Tustin interior design trends.

Earth tones

In line with the naturally inviting atmosphere of North Tustin, earth tones have found a special place in local homes. Soft shades of beige, deep browns, and muted greens resonate with the surrounding natural beauty. This creates a peaceful and balanced environment that appeals to those who want their homes to be an extension of the external world.

Local designers create a harmonious look that embodies tranquility by strategically placing lighter and darker earth tones throughout living spaces. You'll find the best use of earth tones in North Tustin's stunning selection of ranch, southwest, and Mediterranean homes, though it's a design aesthetic easily incorporated into any home, whether historic, contemporary, or ultra-modern.

Natural wood and stone

Carrying the natural theme even further, natural wood and stone are materials used to great effect in many North Tustin interior designs. The tactile experience of these materials grounds the space in which they are utilized and elevates their level of sophistication. These elements lend a rustic yet luxurious feel that defines the local interior design scene, whether it's hardwood floors, marble countertops, or stone accent walls.

The trend of incorporating nature directly into indoor spaces is rising in North Tustin. Plants, green walls, and even water features are being integrated into home design to enhance well-being and improve air quality. This natural touch brings a little of the great outdoors inside the home, creating a harmonious living space.


Textures are by no means a new trend in interior design. However, the manner in which they're applied to interior spaces is evolving and plays a critical role in enriching a wide swath of North Tustin interiors. From plush area rugs to tactile wall art, the layering of different textures invites a sense of depth and interest. This ingenious use of materials adds a dynamic touch to the space, making it lively and inviting yet elegantly subtle.

One of the more recent techniques in using textures includes gallery walls that give depth and personality to a room, showcasing areas for a mix of art pieces and family photos. Homeowners and their trusted design teams also incorporate the layering of fabric swatches and textiles, such as silks, velvets, and linens, to create a rich aesthetic that enhances the gallery displays while infusing a sense of comfort and luxury that can be seen and felt.

Defined spaces

While open layouts remain popular, and you'll find plenty of the decades-long design trend in North Tustin homes, more well-defined spaces are making a comeback. Fueled by a greater need for areas in a home to have clearer purpose and functionality, dining rooms and family rooms are getting a new lease on life with better-defined roles in the house.

The primary creative push comes from how designers and homeowners choose to distinguish the more definitive layouts from adjacent rooms. Though homes in North Tustin are seeing walls added that leave no doubt where one room ends and another begins, many more are incorporating various interior design philosophies to create separation. These spaces are distinguished by changes in color schemes, flooring, or even architectural elements, providing a well-organized yet seamlessly integrated living experience.

Low-key luxury

While it may sound like a trend toward limiting the amount of luxury incorporated within one's home, it's actually the opposite. Instead of amping up your interior motif with ostentatious displays of opulence, the composition here reflects a low-key luxury that is quietly confident. Rich fabrics, subtle metallic accents, and finely crafted furniture pieces exemplify this restraint, making each home a sanctuary of tasteful affluence.

Minimalist by nature, low-key luxury design promotes elegance and sophistication and complements any architectural style, whether Colonials, contemporaries, ranch homes, mid-century modern, southwest, or Mediterranean homes. You can incorporate plenty of different accents without sacrificing simplicity or disrupting the overall design. Think about adding a few pops of bold color, statement lighting like minimalist pendants or an elaborate chandelier, vintage antique accents, or custom furniture to add visual engagement to the uncluttered space.

Mixed metals

Integrating mixed metals like copper, stainless steel, and iron adds another layer of texture and contrast to North Tustin interior design. The nuanced use of these materials enhances modern and traditional design elements, contributing to a home environment that feels timeless and avant-garde. For example, in a minimalist, contemporary kitchen, copper cabinet handles might complement a stainless steel backsplash, adding visual interest and variety. Mixed metals also feature in North Tustin's numerous southwestern-style residences, with contrasting industrial metals paired against natural elements, adding richness and depth to their interior spaces.

Brass accents, whether as drawer pulls, plumbing or light fixtures, or decorative items, add a touch of ageless allure. This material imparts a sense of tradition and modernity; its golden hue offers a touch of time-honored class, and its versatility blends well with a range of color schemes, making it a versatile choice in North Tustin homes.

Sustainable design practices

Finally, the North Tustin interior design ethos places a high value on sustainability. Reclaimed and recycled materials, energy-efficient appliances, low-VOC paints, and sustainably sourced wood are increasingly staples in local homes, resonating with a community that values beauty and environmental responsibility.

Furthermore, it goes beyond materials to include design methods that reduce waste, such as modular furniture adaptable for multiple purposes or layouts that optimize natural light to reduce energy consumption. Even the choice of locally-sourced items ties into this, reducing the carbon footprint of the home's décor. As a result, many North Tustin homes are reaping the benefits of more intelligent living through design with lower energy consumption, improved water conservation, more efficient systems, and better indoor air quality.

Bring your own design aesthetic to North Tustin

These enriching details offer a sample of what's popular across the North Tustin interior design landscape. Each element, carefully considered and elegantly executed, contributes to creating radiant and responsible spaces and making North Tustin one of Orange County's most sought-after communities.

If you're ready to make your mark in North Tustin's interior design scene with a show-stopping residence of your own, contact Carolyn Betpera of the Summer Perry Group today to begin your home-buying journey. Carolyn's experience and expertise will help you navigate the extraordinary North Tustin luxury real estate market, ensuring you find the perfect residential canvas to impart your own bespoke design aesthetic.

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